Where do I submit my completed artwork & answers to questions?                                               

You must submit your final completed artwork to home@thesamenessproject.com with your name in the subject line. 

Final artwork specifications:

  • The size of the final submitted artwork needs to be 42cm x 42cm Square.
  • It can be on any medium, it is your choice.
  • The artwork needs to translate over visually in a 2D scan for the final bus wrap.
  • The final artwork must be sent through as a high resolution (300+) jpeg or pdf format.

If you have any issues or are unable to complete this submission please contact us.


What happens to the artwork after I submit it?

All artists can keep the physical original final artwork. Additionally, an exhibition for public viewing is still to be decided.

After sending the scanned/photographed artwork to us at the above email address, the artwork will be uploaded to www.restarttheart.com. The artwork, a small description and your profile picture will be open to community voting! The top voted artworks will be kept secret until launch night during Dubai Art Week, where the buses will reveal whose artworks got chosen!